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I'm Dave! Hello there!! I'm running a month-long fundraiser to hit 100 PRESS UPS, EVERY day, through ALL OF MAY!!

"But why??" they said! "That's.. 3100 TOTAL PRESS UPS" they cried!! But hear me out, the numbers run high but it's for the best of causes...

SuperStar Arts are an amazing charity that educates and gives people with learning disabilities the means to make and sell their own products. They build positivity and well-being every day, teaching their SuperStars and the community at large about inclusiveness, understanding and a future of togetherness.

They accept donations from and at the same time give back to their community with the products that they make and the exhibitions they run.

Please give what you can to help me raise a little bit to support this great bunch of people! I promise you whatever you can provide will go a long way.

Check out their profile page and if you really like what you see (such as the custom T-shirt on this profile page for instance!!), then Superstar Arts also run their own shop right here:

Thanks for stopping by, and again, thanks for any donation you can provide for SuperStar Arts!!

One last thing: You can follow my progress videos right here in this playlist:

Right then.. back to the push ups... 23...24....25....26...


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Push Ups for SuperStar Arts!!

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