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The Recovery Project supports those in or affected by addiction and destructive habits through building community and fellowship.  They offer a range of encouraging activities, support groups and courses to rebuild a person’s self-esteem and value, helping them find a path of recovery and freedom.  The Recovery Project will journey with people through crisis, equipping each person to live life to the full.  Addiction and destructive habits can affect the mental and physical wellbeing of both the individual and those around them. Which is why they believe that, with someone to journey alongside them, there is hope.  
Why they need our service

 Addiction is on the increase and many people are coming to the Recovery Project or being referred for help and support. To be able to give them time and dedicated one to one support is key, along with providing activities that draw people together and grow in community. Having people that understand and that have walked a similar path is a lifeline to many and the Recovery Project train and equip their volunteers to do just that.
It is known that a person’s recovery is much more likely to succeed and flourish if they have people journeying with them, and the Recovery Project work out a plan that helps people to feel this, giving them the most opportunity to succeed and break free from addiction, yet ultimately living a life full of hope and purpose.
Plan and expected results

 The Recovery Project has seen referrals triple since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Last year 176 people received support through the recovery project, including 125 attending the Recovery Course; 37 people received support through weekly telephone calls; 51 people registered for support and the Recovery Project had 392 Facebook followers and 94 volunteers.  In the autumn of 2020 the Recovery Project will be running its first online Recovery Course supported by churches across the conurbation of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.  Your support is critical to this work.



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What your gift could provide


contribute towards refreshments for 1:1 support and group activities


would help to provide telephone support on a weekly basis to an individual


would cover the cost of 11 guest books for the vital course work of The Recovery Course

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