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I am embarking on my first half-marathon and have chosen to run for Jeremiah's Journey; a charity who provide support and therapy for children who are living with severely ill parents or living through the devastating loss of a parent or close family member. Those who know me know that running was never my thing - I often stated I would only run if being chased by something with big teeth and claws. Or a serial killer. This is a huge challenge for me, but I am up for that challenge and will be taking it head on with the hopes of also being able to raise some money for this wonderful charity. Thank you Jen x
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Peter Stemp
18 May, 2018
Go for it Jen !!!
Laura Shimell
16 May, 2018
Go SIL- you'll smash it! Enjoy the jelly babies 😉Xx
Jayne Bulbeck      Top Donor     
16 May, 2018
You will totally smash it!! Great idea to raise some money for Jeremiah’s Journey too. Go Team Stemp!! Xx
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Jennifer is fundraising for Jeremiah's Journey

Support to children & families who have experienced or are anticipating the death of someone special
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