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Since 2009 our project has been thriving, but after a tough few years of poor harvests (due to the pandemic , adverse weather conditions, devastating powdery mildew and a lack of suitable equipment), it was make-or-break for us in 2023. With this appeal, we secured the essential equipment we needed (including a tractor) and we put all of our efforts into nurturing our vines.  Last September we were rewarded with a bumper harvest, that exceeded all expectations - the hard work had paid off and it felt like nothing short of a miracle!

BUT we still need to raise a further £45,000 to meet our target. 

Despite a fantastic harvest in 2023, we still have to pay for the production costs of the wines from the extraordinary yield.  We also need to keep the vineyard and ecotherapy project afloat until all the 2023 wines are ready and sold in volume. The first of our 2023 vintage, Ortega is selling well, but without additional support we are likely to run out of money before the end of the year and the project remains at risk.

If you are able to donate we would so appreciate it.  Every penny helps and will be put to good use.

We are hopeful that with your continued support, combined with the efforts of our amazing volunteer community we will pull through and become a sustainable enterprise that continues to benefit the community as it has for almost fifteen years.  People power and resilience are at the heart of Forty Hall Vineyard!

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About us:

Forty Hall Community Vineyard is a place of sanctuary and social connection for local people.
It is also London's only commercial scale vineyard since the Middle Ages - a unique heritage site in Enfield, North London.  It is also a pioneering 'ecotherapy' project, with income from the sales of our award-winning, certified organic, wines being put back into maintaining our vineyard and delivering health and wellbeing activities for the benefit of our community. The vines are largely cared for by a dedicated group of over one hundred volunteers, who attend throughout the year. We also welcome the wider community for events and visits to enjoy the sanctuary of this unique green space in London.

Every donation is so gratefully received - thank you!

Donate £100 or more and we'll invite you to a special celebration in the vineyard to thank you personally for your support in June 2024

Donate £500 or more and we'll also put your (or your company) name up in the vineyard to show our gratitude.                              



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What your gift could provide


Provides an hour of wellbeing support in the vineyard


Will help us protect 20 precious vines, this year and every year, to produce more lovely wine.


Moves us firmly towards securing the long term future of London's vineyard, for everyone.

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Save London's Vineyard

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