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The Shadowlight Artists is an ongoing disability-led group, with a core group of 8 learning disabled artists and a wider group of developing artists called "Shadowlight Associates". The group have exhibited at Modern Art Oxford, Arts at the Old Fire Station and other galleries. They run creative workshops with learning disabled people interested in art. The group meets regularly to plan and publicise their current work and develop new projects for 2024 and beyond.

Why they need our service
The Shadowlight Artists is an award-winning collective of learning-disabled artists who continue building their careers as mainstream artists. The group, which started in 2008 with support from charity Film Oxford, has achieved success creatively and professionally. They have gone on to create work that has reached audiences locally, nationally and internationally in galleries, at festivals and online. International exhibition and screenings include Brazil, USA, Canada, Mexico, Greece, Croatia and Cyprus. 

Plan and expected results
The group needs funds to get the support they need to develop creative new work, meet regularly, engage with audiences through their exhibitions, and attend festivals and other events. The group have no core funding; when funds run out, activities have to stop. The group is entirely reliant on grants and donations.

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