My Abseil for Jeremiah's Journey

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Alongside a parachute jump (which I've yet to pluck up the courage for), doing an abseil has long been on my bucket list of things to do. On 24th June 2018 I have the opportunity to do this and to raise some money for a very worthwhile charity - Jeremiah's Journey. Jeremiah's Journey provide support for children & families from Plymouth and the immediate surrounding area who have experienced or are anticipating the death of someone special. Please give whatever you can to this worthy cause. Every little helps :-) If the target has been met, please don't let this stop you donating! Finally, I can't possibly ask for sponsorship without donating myself. I'll therefore attempt to match the largest pledge made before the close date. Thank you for your support :-)
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Sharman Mackriell
25 Jun, 2018
As promised, I'm matching the highest donation made before the event. Very happy to sponsor myself for such a worthy cause!
Peter Lawrance
21 Jun, 2018
Rather you than me! Quick tip check the ropes aren't frayed :)
John Lewin
20 Jun, 2018
Good on you Sharman and good luck!
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Sharman is fundraising for Jeremiah's Journey

Support to children & families who have experienced or are anticipating the death of someone special
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