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After taking the plunge to leave the private sector to go do something that "makes a difference", I'm now working as a caseworker with The Reasons Why Foundation. And I genuinely feel like making a difference is what we do every day.

The Reasons Why Foundation runs a resettlement mentoring program for ex-offenders across London. We support people who want to change their lives for the better, who need a little bit of understanding and a little less judgment. We help people to realise and believe that they can change and to have real confidence in themselves and in what they can achieve. We work with local employers to ensure that past convictions do not prevent individuals from rebuilding their lives and walking away from crime for good. And we work with probation and other public services to make sure that the right support is received.

Unfortunately we can't help everybody, but for those who we do get through to, the change is real and long lasting. I was worried that the perceived failures might frustrate me about working for a non-profit, but I see so much being achieved every day that it just motivates me to do more. And so I let myself be persuaded to agree to climb up three big hills, one straight after the other.

We're doing this challenge as a team, and the real goal is simply to raise awareness for the work we do, and to get more people behind our mission. The world may be deeply flawed, but the more of it I see the more I believe that change could be as simple as not being so afraid of each other, finding the courage to believe in each other, and celebrating our potential, not focusing on our failures and the failures of others.

Having said that, something the corporate world taught me was that money does get things done, and something anyone working in the non-profit sector will tell you is that you could always do with more of it. So any sponsorship donations that you could spare would be hugely appreciated and will go far, no matter how small.