YMCA Milton Keynes Skydive 2017

A fundraising project by Ecaterina McCormick

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Grow Your Tenner 2017 is live! Donate now and we'll match it by up to £10.00!

YMCA Milton Keynes Learning and Activities programme is supporting formerly homeless young people to become happy and contributing members of our Local Community.

YMCA Milton Keynes:
* provides accommodation and support to approximately 500 homeless and formerly homeless young adults through our emergency hostel and 123 flats per year.
* seeks to take young adults who are homeless and unemployed and to work with them until they have a healthy sense of wellbeing and are in suitable accommodation and employment and have developed the skills to sustain both.

Many of youngsters looking for help are socially excluded, homelessness, sometimes facing issues such as unemployment, low self-esteem, confidence and motivation levels, substance misuse, depress, anxiety, anger management and other mental health conditions, often trauma related.

With great fear of heights, I decided to take on the challenge "Plummet for Pounds in 2017 to support YMCA Milton Keynes".
We thank you in advance for your support!