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So I am an idiot and have signed up to ride from Lands End to John O Groats (1402.74km) in 4 day 20 hours and 40mins. To stick to this time I will need to average 12kph even while eating, sleep and, most likely cry. Now, I have decided to try and disguise my idiocy by doing it for a good cause. 

Over the last 3 years a very close friend of mine has been going through his own battle with cancer and after deciding to do this ride for charity and asking if he could recommend someone that has helped him. He immediately told me about We Get It and after hearing about the work they do i think they are very worthy of quite a lot of my time and hopefully a little bit of your money. 

We Get It are a small charity focused on helping people at all stages of cancer from those in remission, living with cancer or just been diagnosed. The big difference and benefit with We Get It is that it was set up and run by people who have gone through cancer allowing them to have a greater understanding and insight of what the people they are trying to help are going through.

A few helpful links

We Get It

The event

Strava for anyone who wants to follow my training or the event 

..........Yes i know its up hill    

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Camilla Cabria
16 May, 2024

Go Alex, Veloce!!!

Hugh Wildy
14 May, 2024

Best wishes from Ken (Nan's neighbour)

Emma Fisher
13 May, 2024

Excellent thing to be doing. I hope you manage to enjoy it. Good luck with weather etc.


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Hugh Wildy      Top Donor     
30 Mar, 2024

Go for it. Great effort. Great charity.

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