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The charitable side of Yeleni Therapy & Support offers up to 9 FREE complementary therapy sessions to anyone at any age, with any cancer at any stage, to help them live well with and beyond their cancer. We can also offer 4 FREE therapy sessions to the main carer of each cancer client. We also offer, both those with cancer & their carers, ongoing support via self-help well being workshops, classes and support groups. We are also open to the general public and by paying for therapies with us, you directly help support our free package of support for cancer patients, a double "feel good" factor.

Why the community needs us
According to NHS statistics around 7,000 people are currently living with cancer in Herefordshire. This figure is set to rise to 11,000 by 2030. We offer to anyone, young or old, a safe space to come and sit, to have a chat and a cup of tea or a therapy which can really help someone cope with their illness on a day to day basis. We also reach out to carers who have an opportunity to experience some free therapies, as well as being able to talk about their problems and feel supported.

Our impact on the community
Many of the people who have experienced their free sessions have had things like this to say;  "I always look forward to my regular visits knowing that I shall get relief of my constant pain." "The Centre has been my saviour over the past couple of years and has got me through the trauma of breast cancer. I am now so positive about the future". "I came out feeling completely re-energised and recharged ready to face the world again without the daily pain I usually live with."

What your gift could provide


rents a therapy room: a quiet, calm space away from the turmoil of illness


funds 1 free therapy session for a person with cancer


funds 9 free therapy sessions: a full course of treatment for 1 person

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