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Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. The last 6 months has seen me facing another of life's challenges as in September 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am pleased to say that following chemotherapy and surgery, the prognosis is good. The chemo has killed all the cancer cells. I had a mastectomy atthe end of January and have just finished I radiotherapy to sterilize any cells that were left lurking around. I had my chemotherapy at the Woodlands Center at Hinchingbrooke Hospital where the team are absolutely amazing. I was so lucky that in addition to the hospital medical and nursing team, a pilot project, run by NHS England, to provide support to cancer patients in the community was running in my area. The project is absolutely amazing and provides support to cancer patients in the community accross Huntingdonshire. The team give support to people going through treatment for cancer as well as those living with cancer. As well as providing medical support in the home to save you going to hospital for blood tests, injections etc when you are often feeling really rubbish, they run classes including Pilates, meditation and yoga to support you through treatment and beyond. To say their support is priceless is an understatement. Hunts Community Cancer Support (HCCS) is the charity set up by the project to support the activities. Money raised through the charity funds the classes and exercise equipment anD funds a biannual patient cancer conference. You can find more details at http://www.huntscommunitycancernetwork.org The support I have had from family and friends throughout this time has been amazing It would be great if you could help me in supporting the work of HCCN. Thank you so much Sarah PS Thanks so much to Caroline for the fabulous photos. www.carolinelovesphotography.co.uk

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Melanie Walsh
29 Dec, 2015

Merry Christmas Sarah xx

Anonymous donor
20 Apr, 2015

Anonymous donor
16 Apr, 2015

Keep up the good work,your care is needed and valued.Well done Sarah for raising all the money,

Sarah Stones      Top Donor     
11 Feb, 2015

From Mierelle West's sponsored dry January.

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