Marathon for The Russell School Outdoor Space

A fundraising project by Adam Curtis

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QUICK UPDATE - I completed the London Marathon in 5hrs 18 minutes. It was a fantastic experience and a brilliant event to be part of.

Thanks to every single one of you who has helped us crowdfund as part of the Local Hero competition. Things are hotting up and the race is on within the Leaderboard, so thank you for visiting this page to give just a little that will help a lot.

This year’s London Marathon prompted the importance of mental health. By enhancing the new outdoor space the Russell School children’s mental health will surely be boosted. The children and teachers work so hard in class; this will help give them a great space to play. Thanks again for all your support.


The London Marathon is the largest annual fundraising event on the planet. I am lucky enough to have a place and have chosen to raise money for the new Russell School Outdoor Space.

We have the opportunity to have a go at crowd-funding via the Local Hero competition. Localgiving will award prizes up to £1000 to the causes supported by the top 20 fundraisers in April but it's not the amount raised; participants are ranked according to the NUMBER OF UNIQUE DONORS from whom they secure sponsorship during April.

Our children have been so patient waiting for their playground and grounds to be restored. It would be fantastic to give their fund a boost and contribute to making the space great again by sponsoring me on the 23rd April. Please give what you can but how about 10p a mile or £2.62 - the price of a coffee?

Take a look at the leader board link below, the current leader has 95 votes so we could smash it if everyone connected with the Russell School donated the price of a coffee. Please spread the word!

Thank you for your support.

Russell School Dad