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The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales is always reviewing the Children’s Kidney Centre’s service delivery to endeavour to deliver the best experience for children and their families. The outpatient services is the base for ambulatory service for children requiring renal replacement therapy, including pre and post transplant care. The unit is supported by having access to paediatric critical care and surgical services on site. There are strong links with the Bristol Children’s Hospital which provides the regional paediatric transplant surgical service. The unit offers a multi-disciplinary team approach with a strong outreach service enabling high quality care to be provided close to home.
The upgrade of the outpatient department and surrounding corridors will greatly enhance the experience for not only children and their families with renal disease but will improve experiences for all families using the internal entrance to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital. The Children’s Kidney Centre supports Dialysis Treatment covering patients throughout South Wales. We are therefore pleased to be supporting this project.
The total project cost is £132,033 and our Fundraising target. A fundraising committee will therefore play an integral role in helping us help the Children’s Kidney Centre.

Project Aim

The Outpatient Department of the Children's Kidney Centre based in University Hospital Wales is in need of refurbishment. Previously, the department housed a dialysis treatment area for children with kidney disease, however, this unit has since relocated to Noah's Ark Children's Hospital. Following this, the existing space of the Children's Kidney Centre is in need of updating, to create a more inviting, calming and receptive area for children with kidney disease and their families.

Plan and expected results

This project aims to provide a welcoming, calming environment, with updated private consultation rooms and a children's play/games area. Currently, there is very little natural light in the department, making it a dark and depressive environment. Through refurbishment, natural light will be maximised to create a more welcoming, warm and comfortable environment.


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