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Gig Buddies Cymru is a befriending scheme that matches adults with a learning disability (and/or autism) with a volunteer buddy who share the same interests, so they can enjoy social activities together.

Being a Gig Buddy is easy volunteering - you carry on doing the things you love in life, but we give you a new friend to do them with.

This could be gigs, festivals, the theatre, watching or playing sport, visiting museums, keeping fit, eating out, going for country walks, gaming, pub quizzes... whatever your hobbies and interests, you could be the perfect Gig Buddy for someone.

Many people with a learning disability find it difficult to go out and enjoy the things that they love to do. For example, almost 1 in 3 young people with a learning disability spend less than an hour a day outside their homes on a typical Saturday (2016 Mencap research).

Gig Buddies Cymru gives volunteers free training, plus and ongoing advice and support to help you be a great Gig Buddy. You will experience the joy of sharing the things you love with a new friend, whilst helping them to increase their independence and confidence. Plus opportunities to meet up with other Gig Buddies.

To apply to be a Gig Buddy volunteer or to find out more, contact or phone 029 2068 1160.

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Supports a Gig Buddy to attend an event to promote the project


Trains one Gig Buddy to take part in the project


Funds one Gig Buddy partnership to be matched, trained and mentored for a year

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